Alex Koszycki headshot

Alex Koszycki

Alex’s career began as a Customer Support Engineer at Alteryx, where he helped hundreds of data workers across a wide range of industries solve their business problems. As Alteryx quadrupled its headcount and grew rapidly (including an IPO), Alex went on to apply this customer insight in Product and Program Management roles. In 2019, Alex left Alteryx to launch an aspirational startup with two co-founders, where he worked on building a decentralized newsroom augmented by data analytics and machine learning tools. After smoke-testing the concept with a crowdfunding campaign, the team concluded that the product-market fit wasn’t quite strong enough to continue pursuing the venture, ultimately tabling the startup in early 2021. Alex also held a brief role as an ML Product Manager at Workday, where he delivered a machine learning feature that flags potentially anomalous time entries for managers to review when approving their workers’ time submissions.

Alex holds a BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, with a concentration in Bioinformatics. While at school, Alex worked in cancer research, drug development, and healthcare informatics before realizing that biotech projects moved too slowly for his restless temperament. Alex is based out of Denver and enjoys road-trips, snowboarding, writing, tabletop roleplaying games, mindfulness, and all things outdoors.