Steve Penrod Headshot

Steve Penrod

Sr. Director, Product Development

Steve Penrod is the Sr. Director, Product Development for TripleBlind.

Steve launched his thirty years in software development at Autodesk, spending a decade building 2D/3D graphics systems, mapping software, and creating early touchscreen and mobile device interfaces.  After that he jumped into the world of startups and entrepreneurship with GNS Healthcare, helping to create their REFS drug discovery platform for computational biology and tools to run and visualize full-scale heart simulations on supercomputers.

He then built the technology and team that launched Rhythm Engineering, creating a resurgence in smart and dynamic traffic systems which had once been dismissed as impractical. He then went on to help create one of the first voice assistants, Mycroft, and a 30,000+ global developer community which is still going head-to-head with Google and Amazon as the open source and private alternative. 

Steve holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Kansas.